Join us in Charlotte NC May 19-21 2017 for a weekend of skills demos and practice including LOTS of hands-on, demo, and experiential training.
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Wide range of normal
How to help when out of normal range to continue healthy birth
Keeping birth normal
Resources for creating forms that work for your practice
Nutritional assessment
Prenatal education
Testing and decision-making
Equipment needed for prenatal care
Initial testing (CBC, type and factor, antibody screens, STD screening)
Sterilization and cleaning techniques/universal precautions for hands and instuments
Finger sticks
Maternal assessment and vital signs
Lab work
Assessment of the baby (Doppler and fetoscope)
Fundal height/Leopolds
Prenatal testing: GD, GBS, GYN and urine cultures
Fetal assessment: kick counts, NST, BPP
Equipment for births, what to have and set-up
Birth kits
Emergency supplies
Membranes: sweeping, assessing for SROM, AROM
Assessing contractions
Vaginal exams: dilation, station, effacement, presenting part
Monitoring mom and baby
Charting: forms and protocols
Discussion of Birth Skills
Waterbirth: special considerations
Supporting the perineum
Nuchal hands and nuchal cords
Shoulder dystocia
Newborn suctioning: postural drainage, bulb, Delee
APGAR scoring

Hands-on practice skills including

Cervical checks – yes, be prepared to check and be checked
Perineal support
Nuchal hands/cords
Shoulder dystocia
Suctioning equipment
Postnatal Skills

Estimated blood loss, postpartum recovery, perineal tears, and follow up exams
Resuscitation, newborn examination, vitamin K, eye medication, follow-up exams, and testing
structure, cord, abnormalities, and consumption
Breast infections and other complications
Tongue tie and latch issues
Establishing and increasing supply
Baby’s oral structure and latch
Mom’s history and anatomy
Frequency of feedings, output, challenges
Resources and practical tips
Neonatal resuscitation
Perineal repair: natural healing, adhesive, suture clips, sutures
Injections: sterile water (from labor), Pitocin, RhoGam, vitamin K
Starting IV fluids
Managing postpartum hemorrhage
Manual removal of the placenta
Bladder catheter

The evening of May 19
full days May 20th, 21st

$225  $250
Early Birth Price extended until May 10th.