Our faculty and staff are here to help you. We are in the process of restructuring and not everyone’s roles have been updated. If you have a question, email the person you need to talk to and they’ll do their best to help.

AAMI Staff

Carla Hartley, Founder and Curriculum Developer, Sage Adviser

Lori BarklageDirector

Lori Gauvin, Administrative & Educational Advisor

Lilah Monger, Academic Advisor

Sheehan Ednie-Rosen, Academic Adviser, NARM Focus Director, Submissions Evaluator, Graduation Coordinator

AAMI teachers/speakers

Patricia Edmonds, Adjunct Professor Applied Midwifery Arts, Midwifery Skills Lab Director

Gail Hart, Adjunct Professor Applied Midwifery Arts

Anne Sokol, Oxytocin Enthusiast ISM Facilitator

Darcy Dormaier, Truth Tellers Conference Call Coordinator