Walking the Midwifery Path - support for preceptor and apprentice teams to create a healthy paradigm.

A six-part interactive course series fully supported with calls, recordings, worksheets, interactive sessions, tips, tools, and resources to most effectively build strong preceptor/apprentice partnerships.

Work on this course as a team for the best results - special pricing for teams

The course begins with a private call with each team member then you come together to learn and work, gaining skills and knowledge from an experienced mentor along the way. Scheduled calls with the group and with your team keep you on-track and moving towards your common goal while specially designed assignments and worksheets help you gain clarity and focus.

I took this class as a new apprentice & loved it! It answers questions I didn’t even realize I had & is very helpful to take with your preceptor as it gives you goals to work toward together & tools to use through your apprenticeship! Its full of wisdom in starting out a new apprenticeship or bettering an existing one! Christine does a phenomenal job teaching it, & assisting apprentices & preceptors through what should be a very rewarding and joyful experience in becoming a midwife!!
It was a wonderful experience, and it was particularly useful in understanding the process of guiding the unique dynamic between preceptor and apprentice. Both in her unparalleled empathy and in her years as preceptor and as teacher, Christine offers special insight into the needs and perspectives of both groups and helps everyone grow into the great midwives of the future. ~ Elisa 


Walking the Midwifery Path

Six session interactive course

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