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  • A package of downloadable recordings from our world-renowned teachers
  • Birth with Gloria Lemay – DVD
  • An AAM tote bag
  • All required study modules
  • Gail Hart’s book, “Research Updates for Midwives”

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  • Our Ancient Art Midwifery® Studies Program online classes
  • The Helping Hands ebook workbook
  • Access to our online private Facebook group
  • Our much-celebrated Time-Tracker System to help you get and stay focused
  • Truth Teller’s Conference Calls
  • An exclusive membership area including a library of recordings from past and future teachers

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Enrollment in Advanced Midwifery Studies includes:

  • 48 month access to our online Midwifery Studies program
  • Submission evaluations
  • All required study modules
  • A total of six exams
  • Time Tracking System
  • Online record keeping
  • Discounted admission to any Ancient Art Midwifery®-sponsored in-person Midwifery Skills Lab
  • An audio package of past conference recordings
  • Discounts on additional recordings
  • Student discount coupon for Midwifery Today magazine
  • Plus: Staff support, access to online student groups, and our exclusive membership area!
  • Free access to our online Quiz course
  • Option to take our Midwifery Exploration course any time during your enrollment at no additional cost
  • Truth Teller’s Conference Calls

In addition to becoming expert on almost every imaginable topic concerning birth, including a minimum of two areas of specific expertise, our students learn to:

  •  Identify learning objectives
  •  Develop value-specific study strategies
  •  Read critically and objectively
  •  Locate available resources and experts
  •  Initiate relationships with mentors
  •  File information so that it is retrievable and revisable
  •  Judge academic suppositions and midwifery traditions against the science of physiology and birth
  •  Cultivate consistent study habits
  •  Organize data for multiple purposes
  •  Set immediate and long-term goals and execute a plan for achieving them
  •  Prioritize multiple tasks
  •  Determine what information necessitates memorization and what information can be filed
  •  Create a customized encyclopedic resource
  •  Conduct independent research
  •  Challenge medical and obstetrical and midwifery protocol
  •  Distinguish fact from opinion
  •  Evaluate data for academic integrity
  •  Document and appropriately credit all sources
  •  Establish review habits
  •  Develop test-taking skills
  •  Practice meticulous record-keeping
  •  Develop confidence in her ability to handle complications and emergencies
  •  Plan and organize for optimal time and resource management
  •  Integrate “head” knowledge with “hands on” experience
  •  Hone critical thinking and decision making ability
  •  Translate life experiences into the learning process
  •  Fine-tune communication and teaching skills
  •  Assess needs of individual clients
  •  Prepare on every level for any possible birthing scenario
  •  Explore related areas of interest toward development of specialties
  •  Establish counseling guidelines and parameters of responsibility
  •  Organize support for parents’ rights
  •  Encourage and assist parents in research and evaluation
  •  Inspire confidence in birthing couples as competent decision-makers
  •  Develop a comprehensive practice (service) plan
  •  Create and publish original educational material for parents
  •  Assess and improve community resources
  •  Navigate the politics of midwifery
  •  Investigate alternatives to reliance on technology
  •  Stay current with developments and trends in women’s health
  •  Encourage the pursuit of health and wellness in her family, friends, and clients
  •  Prepare for the business aspects of an independent midwifery practice (service)
  •  Create community identity as home birth advocate
  •  Exercise an extreme degree of accountability and professional integrity
  •  Research and honor the historical legacy of midwifery
  •  Create a plan for nurturing and apprenticing future midwives
  •  Validate and support a woman’s right to choose her own birth attendant, or no birth attendant
  •  Assist parents in assuming authority over their birth while relegating everyone else as consultant
  •  Respect the innate knowledge and wisdom of the birthing baby and mother
  •  Disengage ego and avoid any presumption of  authority over a birthing woman
  •  Articulate and promote the “with woman” midwifery philosophy