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AMS paid in full


One time payment
  • Pay in full using Paypal or Credit Card
  • Three and a Half Years to complete the program
  • All bonuses listed here
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AMS + NARM focus Most Popular!


Limited time
  • NARM focus add-on
  • all options and bonuses from paid in full choice
  • an extra year to complete the program
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AMS + NARM focus $599 down


or less Per Month
  • family friendly payments
  • NARM focus add-on
  • $147/mo for 30 months
  • $110/mo for 40 months
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  • thinkific-so-you-want-to-500x280
  • cs-thinkific-academic-advantage
  • thinkific-narm-focus-500x280
  • cs-thinkific-midwifery-exploration