Ancient Art Midwifery® Intro to Midwifery Studies – mail-in-course


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About this course...

Introduction to Midwifery (ITM) complete correspondence course is AAM’s mail-in program for aspiring midwives and those who are investigating the possibility of a future in midwifery. The program is done via mail, perfect for those with no or spotty internet service.

Introduction to Midwifery online program is also available if you prefer to work online.

ITM is the PERFECT prerequisite to any midwifery program. It is also a GREAT review for any midwife and will provide valuable information that will change the way you practice!

The primary required information is included to get started, please keep in mind that there are other books and expenses required. Most applicants take 12 months to complete the program and the majority of those who complete the Introduction to Midwifery (ITM) program go on to enroll in the Advanced Midwifery Studies (AMS) (our 48 month program). We have recently revised this program so that 100% of the work you do in Introduction to Midwifery  online or mail-in will now transfer to our AMS program should you decide to enroll after you complete ITM! Students who enroll in AMS within six months of completing ITM, will will receive a $400 credit towards their AMS tuition.

Introduction to Midwifery is designed to provide the beginning student with an overview of the art and science of midwifery, basic educational studies, and an opportunity to document her effort. It is beneficial as a prerequisite or complement to any midwifery course.

Introduction to Midwifery’s academic documentation requirements include:
book reviews :: video reviews :: investigation of local resources and a report on the legal climate :: examination of the current literature relating to birth and midwifery :: introduction to statistical analysis of home birth and midwifery data :: assignments in Helping Hands :: textbook survey :: required reading :: research :: investigation of online resources:: intro level assignments in basic anatomy & physiology, embryology, and nutrition :: evaluation & certificate. 
ITM Certificates include vouchers for tuition discounts for enrollment in Advanced Midwifery Studies.

“I value the Introduction to Midwifery Program, not only for the very valuable information, but also for the organizational skills I am developing. I feel a great deal of self-confidence at having completed it. The material covered in the program gave me an idea of the broad spectrum of skills and information necessary for one to serve birthing women in a competent and compassionate manner.”

“This program covers much more ground than most ‘courses’ I know about. I was really confident about starting the 3-year course after finishing ITM and was glad to find I had already completed some of the requirements!”

“The four year course may not be for everyone, but I think that everyone who wants to be a midwife MUST enroll in Introduction to Midwifery. I know midwives who won’t even consider an apprentice unless she has taken ITM and now I know why!”

“I recently completed another 3 year program, and yet, just getting started on ITM showed me that my 3 year course was lacking! This is such a great way to learn. I wish I had found it first.”

Who should take Introduction to Midwifery, AAM’s 12 month midwifery program?

  • Anyone who wants a short term project or commitment. Even experienced midwives will learn a lot with the program. Many doulas and childbirth educators take this course for the purpose of review and ongoing study.
  • Anyone who wants to add a certificate to their wall. We have a reputation for excellence that means that any certificate from Ancient Art Midwifery® is impressive. Our own graduates have come back after a previous  class and added ITM to their list of credentials.
  • Anyone who is not sure that she wants to be a midwife. This course is designed to be an introduction to the kind of information that must be covered in the study of midwifery. We always recommend that aspiring midwives, doulas or childbirth educators who are younger than college age should take Introduction to Midwifery first.

Should I take Introduction to Midwifery first and then apply for Advanced Midwifery Studies? This is a decision only you can make. I usually advise students who are absolutely positive that they want to become a midwife, and who are ready for the intense learning experience that our Advanced course has to offer, to go ahead and jump right in as the Completion of Introduction to Midwifery is required in the first phase of enrollment in the 48-month AMS course anyway. However, if you have any hesitation, start with the 12 month program. If you decide to move on to the 48-month course after completing ITM, you will have already completed most of the first phase! As mentioned previously, if you complete ITM within 12 months, there are discounts available for enrollment in Advanced Midwifery Studies.

Take the quiz “So You Want To Be A Midwife” Quiz – if you got most of them correct without referring to any text, then maybe you should skip enrolling in only Introduction to Midwifery and consider enrolling in Advanced Midwifery Studies. You may find you go through ITM very quickly and are ready for AMS soon! However, if you miss one it doesn’t mean that particular question is covered in the course… these test questions are just a representation of the general level of knowledge you would have after ITM.