Adept Baby, Crafted for Safety and Survival ~ Dr John Stevenson


About this course...

Midwifery and Home Birth never had a more devoted champion. Dr. John was our founder’s dear friend since 1987 and has made a great impact on how she felt about birth.

The experiences that brought him to his conclusion that birth is so much safer than we think. Find out the physiological reason that cord prolapse is unlikely. Why is the rate of shoulder dystocia so low in Australia? Find out why he believes that baby controls many aspects of labor and why he thinks we panic over twins far too often! His practices are radical…but logical! So much to think about! His wisdom will amaze you. No Dr. respects midwives  more than Dr. John.  and his encouragement alone is worth the price of the audio!

**Please note there are some spots where questions cannot be heard but the information given is wonderful.

Dr John Stevenson