Helping Hands Conference Audio Set – complete


About this course...

Back before Ancient Art Midwifery was named Ancient Art Midwifery there was the Helping Hands Conference.
Such wisdom was shared that we are still learning from it!

Survival Midwifery ~ Bothwell
Interfacing with the Medical Community ~ Dr Wootan
Ask the Practitioner ~ Panel
Personalized Prenatal Care ~ Kingston
Psychological Birth Trauma ~ Suzanne Arms
3rd and 4th Stage ~ Dr Stevenson
Preventing Preterm Labor ~ Tracy West Lauer
Beginning Midwifery ~ Diane Smith
Shoulder Dystocia ~ Diane Smith
Adept baby ~ Dr Stevenson
Midwifery and the Law ~ Keller
Low-tech Surveillance ~ Murdaugh
Evaluating 1st and 2nd Stage Difficulties ~ Murdaugh