Helping Hands Conference Audio Set – complete

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About this course...

Back before Ancient Art Midwifery® was named Ancient Art Midwifery® there was the Helping Hands Conference.
Such wisdom was shared that we are still learning from it!

Survival Midwifery ~ Bothwell
Interfacing with the Medical Community ~ Dr Wootan
Ask the Practitioner ~ Panel
Personalized Prenatal Care ~ Kingston
Psychological Birth Trauma ~ Suzanne Arms
3rd and 4th Stage ~ Dr Stevenson
Preventing Preterm Labor ~ Tracy West Lauer
Beginning Midwifery ~ Diane Smith
Shoulder Dystocia ~ Diane Smith
Adept baby ~ Dr Stevenson
Midwifery and the Law ~ Keller
Low-tech Surveillance ~ Murdaugh
Evaluating 1st and 2nd Stage Difficulties ~ Murdaugh