The First Ten Minutes of Life – Gail Hart


About this course...

Think about the first ten minutes of life for the majority of babiesÂ… how can we make these all important moments better?

Leboyer was on the right track, but we can do even better. Newborn babies have a lot of adjustments to make upon entering the outside world. At the same time they are so open to everything in the first few minutes, and they can easily be overwhelmed by noise, light, painful procedures and more.

The birthing mother may need a few moments to adjust as well. Even the APGAR score was designed to just observe the baby for the first minute, and then assess the baby. Too often babies are assessed at birth without the chance to make their own adjustments.

What are the dangers of early cord clamping?
What about separating the baby from the mother?

Gail Hart shares how we can optimize this precious time when baby comes into his or her body.